Build a Simple Website

Have me create a simple landing page to showcase your business for just $199. No Database.

  • Mobile Responsive Design

  • Requires Existing CRM Subscription for lead generation and management (If needed)

  • Stock Photos Included

Build a Custom Website

Build a landing page with CMS or an entire web-based system for your business Starts at $349

  • Mobile Responsive Design

  • With Built-In Content Management System (Back-End / Admin Portal)

  • 7 - 14 Days Development (May Vary on System Scope)

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between a landing page and a custom website?

A landing page is a website that displays information about your business. This is where you typically land your customers to know more about your services.

A custom website can range from a simple lead generation site to a web-based system solution for your business. It usually has a CMS (Content Management System) that can handle back-end works such as updating the contents displayed on your website.

Both website can have CRM (Customer Relationship Manager).

What kind of website do I need?

If you are looking for a simple website that explains your services or products, then a simple landing page would suffice. It could be just a single page or a multiple page.

What do I need to provide for a simple landing Page?

I will need you to send me a google link to your logo, and some additional information about the business that you are currently ordering a website for. I will be providing a google form for the details that you must fill up.

How long does it usually takes to build a 3 Page Website / Landing Page?

It can take 3-7 Business Days or even shorter. It all depends on the availability of the required information. If everything else is provided completely and has no queue, it can be done within 24 - 48 hours.

How much for a simple landing page website?

A simple multiple landing page starts at $199. A single webpage will cost just about $99. Please note that this does not include any CRM subscriptions. Please make sure that you already have your CRM software or you may subscribe to BlueCloud Engine to manage your customers and leads for as low as $69 / month.

Do I need a CRM?

If you plan to add sign up, newsletter, booking and checkout pages, then yes. However, if the website is mainly redirecting to an external forms, then no.

Where can I get a CRM Software?

There are a variety of softwares that you can subscribe to so you can manage your leads and customers. I recommend BlueCloud Engine as it is an all in one platform. Learn more.